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October 1-4 2015

Alamo Drafthouse

Our wonderful staff

Timothy Schultz, Festival Director

Timothy Schultz

Festival director Timothy Schultz oversees all aspects of the MHHFF. As both a filmmaker and a fan, he is passionate about bringing the best genre films from around the world to Colorado. He has a strong background in journalism and event planning.

Theresa Likarish, Festival Moderator, Screening Committee Member,

Theresa Likarish

Theresa Likarish is the co-director of the MHHFF. She loves all sub-genres of horror with her favorite film being Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining."

Dawn Brown, Screening Committee Member

Dawn Brown

Dawn sits on the screening committee for the MHHFF. She is the founder of the Mile High Horrors Meetup Group, which was founded in 2008 to bring horror fans together in a fun and safe environment and to share their love for all things spooky.

Matthew Manning, Public Engagement Ambassador, Screening Committee

Matthew Manning

Matt Manning works on public relations for the MHHFF. He is a life-long fan of the horror genre with his favorite horror film of all time being the Bob Clark classic, “Black Christmas.”

Sandy Gonzalez, Festival Manager

Sandy Gonzalez

Sandy is the festival manager of the 2014 MHHFF. She has over 30 years of experience managing people and loves interacting with horror film fans from all walks of life.

Andy Breslow, Screening Committee Member, Staff Writer

Andy Breslow

Andy is the lead staff writer for the MHHFF, as well as a member of the screening committee. He is an avid horror film fan/collector and an aspiring screenwriter. Some of his favorite horror films include MARTYRS, THE POUGHKEEPSIE TAPES, and AUDITION.

Joshua  Massaro , Print Traffic Coordinator

Joshua Massaro

Joshua Massaro is the print traffic coordinator for the MHHFF. His favorite horror film is JAWS (1975).